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Responding to Patients Who Question Your Fees

It is often an uncomfortable moment when a patient questions fees. There was recently an interesting article written by Dr. Richard Madow and Dr. David Madow called ‘Why are your fees so high, Doc?’ In the article they wrote they provided this sample dialogue and suggestion to practice it at your next team meeting:

“In our practice, we are very proud to provide the best dental care that we possibly can. That means we use the finest materials, most modern equipment, and the best infection-control techniques, and we constantly take continuing education courses to stay up to date. This all is a part of giving you the best treatment possible.”

“We may not be the lowest-cost practice around, but we feel the quality of the treatment we provide and the way we are able to care for all of our patients is reflected in our fees. After all, we are treating your teeth, your smile, your body — it’s an investment in yourself that will last a lifetime.”

“Dentistry really is both an art and a science. Even using the same lab and identical materials, you’ll get different results depending on the skill of the doctor. You really do get what you pay for. You want a dentist with a good education and solid experience, not some guy who got his degree from a dental school in a mall next to a Banana Republic.”

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