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New Medium Translucency IPS e.max CAD Blocks

The new IPS e.max CAD Medium Translucency blocks have the optimum balance between translucency, chroma, and value making it the most beautiful IPS e.max CAD block to date. The medium translucency combines the best attributes of the HT and LT- a blend of opacity, opalescence, and translucency creating the most esthetic shades in the IPS e.max CAD line. The medium translucency shades offer higher brightness than the HT blocks and higher translucency than the LT blocks. The MT shades fall “in the middle” of the LT and HT in terms of translucency.

The MT will be available in seven shades and will include three shades from the current Value Shades that move into the MT shades.

The MT shades will offer the same physical properties of the current HT and LT blocks, and will offer the ability to be speed crystallized in the Programat furnace. The Opal Translucency will require a longer firing cycle to optimize the development of the enamel like color.

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