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  • Integrated digital workflow from impression to model and
    restoration creation

  • Especially well suited for the production of partial jaw
    models for single tooth restorations or smaller bridges in
    the posterior region

  • Maximum flexibility by the processing of digital
    impressions through in‐house milling and control over
    the model production process

inLab 3D software enables users to trim models, make saw‐cuts, prepare chamfers, and set pin holes. Individual model segments can then be positioned in a newly developed polyethan model block using the inLab Stack

Taking optical digital impressions with CEREC Connect is an innovative, precise alternative to conventional dental impressions. The intraoral digital data is calculated to make a 3D model and sent directly via internet to a dental laboratory. This alleviates for many patients the unpleasant experience of traditional dental impressions.

This modern method of model production offers dental laboratories wide ranging flexibility to produce the final restoration with their own inLab system. The restoration can also be made with CEREC Connect in the conventional manner.


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